We Are The Vocal Majority 

The Vocal Majority is Americans for Responsible Solutions's grassroots campaign to demand an end to gun violence in 2016. We're calling on you to join us this November as we hold our elected officials accountable to make our communities safer.

Our voices matter. Our votes matter. 

It's time to show our elected officials that we will not accept failure. 

The 2016 Vocal Majority Tour

Our country is in the grips of a gun violence crisis, and for too long a small but vocal majority - driven and controlled by the gun lobby - have had too much influence over our nation’s gun laws. The majority of Americans who support commonsense change to help keep guns out of the wrong hands have had enough, and we will no longer be silent.

That’s why we are going on the road to ignite The Vocal Majority - the huge majority of Americans who want our leaders to pursue responsible change, and who have the courage to make their voices heard. It’s time to hold our candidates and elected leaders accountable. And it’s time to show that gun safety is a winning political issue for the candidates who have the courage to take on the gun lobby. So this November, vote for gun violence prevention and the candidates who are committed to acting. Because our voices matter and our vote matters. 

Monday, October 31 - Ohio

Rally with Hillary for America at 6:15 PM ET: Smale Riverfront Park, Cincinnati, Ohio


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Take Our Pledge

There is a gun violence crisis in America, and Americans know we can do better.

This election, Americans are refusing to be silent. 

We are standing up for commonsense steps to prevent gun violence. We are holding our elected leaders accountable, and we are continuing our efforts to protect our communities from the countless gun violence tragedies—and our voices are being heard.

We will ensure that our leaders take action, and we will vote.


I pledge to make change by voting to stop gun violence in 2016.